Disabled exercise equipment - Quadriciser

Posted by Ralph | 2:16 PM

I was blog crawling today, and one of wheeliecatholic's posts was about the Ablities Expo and some of the adaptive devices that were on display. There was one that just blew me away.... it's called "The Quadriciser® and what the machine does that's so important for anyone with none or even limited mobility is "moves an individual's lower and upper limbs through varying ranges of motion without any assistance from the individual, which is passive or it can be active."

So I hopped over to Youtube to take an independent look at it and the video's of the machine in action are just fantastic. This video is of a study done of the device at the Uni. of Virginia.

Their homepage has lots of other videos and more extensive information, please check it out here . Click on the main link header to go to wheeliecatholic's post about the expo.

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