Last post before tournament!

Posted by Ralph | 6:07 PM

Speaking of better, can you believe how much betterrer* Roger Federer is than everyone else, every day, in every way. I'm not going to rave about how good his forehand, backhand, serve, volley, chip, slice swings are no, lol, the guy is a beast and one day may be the greatest of any time. His next opponent is going to be either Andre Agassi or Taylor Dent. I don't think either of them have a chance and believe he will win the tournament easily. Maybe I will luck out and get an autograph, that would be sweet!

Easily is exactly how I would describe Maria Sharapova's first set against Venus Williams.

The female phenom blew her opponent out in the first set 6-2, Venus picked her game up in the second and there was a nice few "catfight" rallies over the stadium courts net. Venus allowed her forehand to show it's usual weakness and Maria, playing with a 41 - 6 record, exploited it often. Venus fell in the second leaving Maria's next match against either #1 seed Amelie Mauresmo or Kim Clisters. Personally I think she's going to win, I'm getting a picture and an autograph and smiling for weeks

As I'm credentialed to shoot the men's wheelchair final I might miss some of the other matches but hey it's my first big gig. See me back here on Tue. Apr. 4th. Bye till then.

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