Disabled Sailing! Coooool.

Posted by Ralph | 10:11 AM

I am always looking for new and interesting ways to be a active "disabled" man. Over the past couple years I have done alot of travelling, Canada for two months (by myself,) Miami many times, Ft. Lauderdale many times, Biloxi Miss, New Orleans and other places. There are a great many wheelchair sports that I am interested in, but none have gotten my complete attention like sailing. The technology that is available was made and designed by Don Martin and his crew at their site.

The boat is called the Martin16 and this boat is perfect for people with disabilities to learn how to sail, or in my case, return to sailing,independently maybe. Here is a video .(67 megs) I am now living in Tampa, Florida and seeing as it is right on the water I shouldn't have too hard of a time finding a Yacht Club that offers lessons. Will update this as I find out more.

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