How it all started..

Posted by Ralph | 3:38 PM

Did you know that Michael Jeremiasz is the No. 1 Men's Wheelchair Tennis player in the world? In both singles and doubles? That's so cool. He is a great tennis player and I look forward to photographing him again. I am having alot of fun with Rollingpix, and learning these HTML codes and style-sheets has given me a completely different view of the internet and how it works. Rollingpix is a idea that came to me in early 2005.

I went to a tennis tournament on my birthday in 2004, I was 6 years into my Spinal Cord Injury at that time, and totally absent from things having to do with people in chairs. I saw these really fit men and women in chairs playing tennis, and no people in chairs photographing them. The idea for a person in a chair photographing wheelchair athletics seemed like a great way for me to get involved in the scene. From April 2004 to March 2005 I crawled search engines to find the right camera technology and how best to take pictures from my chair.

I found the tech with Canon Cameras and Manfrotto Tripods and the result is Rollingpix. Thanks to the 20,000 people that have come to my site in the past month, even though the No.1 is Maria Sharapova's cute butt.

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