As the trailer to this docu-film asks, "What is a chair?"

"Champions on Wheels tells the story of five extraordinary young people who suddenly find themselves in wheelchairs. It is an unblinkingly honest, upbeat portrayal of courage, determination, perseverance, faith, belief in self, powerful athleticism, zest for life, and a great desire to be seen as a normal person. Wheelchair tennis players have recaptured their lives and are living them to their utmost. There is life after disability.

Champions on Wheels is aimed at two audiences: those who are recently injured and need to see what a full life they can still lead and those who are presently ambulatory. Watching these world class athletes overcome obstacles and insist on being independent compels us to admire their athletic prowess, dedication, zest for life and see them for what they are: real people who merely get around differently."

Buy this video folks. I had the opportunity and pleasure of apeaking with Grace Shafir who put this project together. I called her this morning about using content from her site here on Rollingpix. I really hope to have continuing contact with her. She has alot of great ideas about where to take the "entertainment factor" of wheelchair athletics in the future. You can view the trailer online, or go directly to their page here.

Pictures, Links and Content used with permission of Grace Shafir

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