2006 South Florida Sailing Championships

Posted by Ralph | 2:26 PM

2006 Rolex Miami OCR:

"US SAILING has announced that on-line registration for the 2006 US SAILING Rolex Miami OCR is now open. A mainstay on the winter circuit for Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls, the 17th Annual US SAILING Rolex Miami OCR is expected to bring together hundreds of sailors from about 30 countries to Biscayne Bay from January 22-27, 2006. "(read more)

The IFDS World Disabled Sailing Championships are being held in Perth, Australia between Jan. 16th and the 25th. (read more) There is no way I can afford to go to Perth, but the Rolex OCR is 3 hrs from my house and has 2.4 mr and Sonar paralympic qualifiying. I used to live down there and with the 10+ world-class sailing tournaments going on, I should get some good pix.

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