Behind the scenes.

Posted by Ralph | 10:58 AM

Everyday I search for interesting stories to post here. There are so many amazing people with disabilities, both men, women, and children that push the standards of "ability' and force new definitions, and perceptions of what that word means.

There are the sailors, Vinny Lauwers, a paraplegic, who sailed around the world by himself. Hilary Lister, the quad that crossed the channel. Mike Rowney, a para that is circling Australia for charity, and Nick Scandone, the third disabled man in 10 years to win the "Open 2.4 metre World Championships.

There are the pushers like Rick Hansen, the Canadian para that pushed 40,000 km's around the world, raising $26 mil. for charity. Vasile Stoica, the Romanian para that pushed around the world. Peter Rieke, who climbed Mts Hood, Shasta and Rainier using only his arm strength.

I have alot of work to do but I will make every effort to show people that "dis" ability is a meaningless, arbitrary term. Everybody needs help sometimes.

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