2006 IFDS Day 4 News

Posted by Ralph | 8:35 AM

News from Hugh Elliot

Jen French and Team SailLaVie (US) sailed a very strong first beat in the first race of the day, but an unfortunate rounding incident at the first mark forced a two turns penalty, dropping them back to the back of the fleet for a 13th. In the second race, they again had a very good first beat and run, but they worked too far to the right on the subsequent beats due to a seating system problem which affected their ability to tack, and they could only salvage an 11th place finish.

The Canadians had a strong day with a 4-5 across the line, but a DSQ in the first race of the day, dropped them back a bit in the scoring. At the top of the leader board, Norway and Germany had a great day and sit atop the fleet tied in points. The British had a mediocre day for their team, to drop them back slightly in the standings. With 4 more races to go, anything can happen.

On the 2.rmR course, Nick Scandone(US)finally found his groove in Race 6 to take the gun and the win. He was involved in a starting line protest with Helena Lucas of GBR who was DSQ'd from the race, and lost the series lead. The second 2.4mR start was apparantly one in which very few of the 19 boats could actually start on starboard. Nick got flushed on that one and couldn't get back in the fleet. Roger Cleworth had two mid fleet finishes, and he and Nick now stand tied in points.

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