Today was practice Day at The IFDS Worlds. The winds were 12 - 18 knots with a few self tacking puffs thrown in for good measure. The race was held at 2 pm. The RC set the starting line at somewhere around 360 feet. It ws difficult to see the pin and for twenty boats that made it very difficult to judge the line. There were only two boats over however. The pin was favored but only one person had the guts to go out to an edge on an extremely shifty day. The shifts were as high as 30 degrees and fairly frequent.

The closest boat to the pin, GBR, started halfway down on the pin side and about 5 boats below the line but stretched out to a great lead early on. Roger and Nick started close to midway and battled different sides of the course. The competition was tight and both finished in the top 5. There is a cyclone in North Australia which is effecting our weather patterns. The winds still promise to blow and possibly increase by the end of the week.

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