Jesse Billauer

Posted by Ralph | 9:22 PM

Jesse Billauer is a quadriplegic, college graduate, foundation starter, motivational speaker...and surfer. His foundation, says this, "Life Rolls On is a non-profit 501(c)3 Foundation that exists to be a grassroots resource and an advocate on behalf of young people who have sustained a spinal cord injury (SCI)."

His story is one of succeeding against great odds, a spinal cord injury in October 1995 put him in a chair, but couldn't keep him out of the water he loves so much. He has graduated college with a degree in communications, was the first quad to surf the great breaks of Tavarua and Pipeline, and hasn't missed a Pipeline Masters since he got home from rehab.

One of the foundations programs is TWSA, it stands for "they will surf again." They (LRO) have also had surf sessions, golf tournaments, and charity dinner/auctions.

The prologue of his bio eloquently says this"Jesse has appeared on Good Morning America, Dateline NBC, E1 True American Story, in the feature film Step Into Liquid, and in print outlets such as ESPN the Mag and the LA Times, increasing SCI awareness and driving additional fundraising. He recently embarked on a career as a motivational speaker, sharing his life experiences in the hope that he can impress upon others the fragility of life and the benefits of healthy living. He poses ethical questions in a thought-provoking manner, teaching values and respect for family, friends, strangers, and self."

Good Job Jesse, your one of the many people, and reasons why I started to "Roll On"

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