Mike Rowney's Updated Sea Journal

Posted by Ralph | 11:07 PM

Taken from Mike's website:

20 April 2006, Timor-Leste
"Well after a very severe blood infection in September caused me to take nearly seven months off, I am almost back on track again. I used the time productively. Once my health issue cleared in early December, I concentrated on swimming and gym work to improve my fitness. I also spent some time helping Sailability W.A. by doing some refitting work on the soling, Macquarie Magic to make it more user friendly. But for the most part, I worked on the next legs of my journey. Initially I was going to attempt to cross the Gulf of Carpentaria in April 2006, but commonsense and experience prevailed. I realised that I needed to wait for the weather window of October/November (2006), not only to cross the gulf at the right time, but also to be going down the east coast at the correct time as well. (

Read more about his record setting sail here, and the interview I did with hin last year.

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