Wheelchair Sports Updates 6/17/06

Posted by Ralph | 7:10 PM

Photograph by Rollingpix - Nasdaq 100 Open '05

Wheelchair Tennis - My fascination with World #1 Michael Jeremaisz (FR) has subsided a bit. He still deserves coverage here. He took part in an exhibition match on the clay of Roland Garros at the French Open, defeating Ronald Vink (NED) 6-2, 4-6, 6-1. I really hope next years Open will include Chair Tennis. (read more)
In other Tennis news... David Hall (AUS) the 23 major title winner has announced his retirement from the game. The six time ITF World Champion, who I had the pleasure to photograph in competion is the greatest player in the history of men's chair tennis. (
full story)

Quad Rugby - The United States defeated Great Britain today 31-26 to win the 2006 North America Cup in Birmingham, Alabama. This 5-0 run over the top 3 teams in the world bodes well for the upcoming World Championships.

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