Wheelchair Tennis Update 6/22/06

Posted by Ralph | 7:41 AM

The ITF and The British Tennis Foundation have announced the teams that will play in the Men's Doubles matches at the NEC Wimbledon Masters Series. This year's event, held on the 8th - 9th of July will feature the following pairings.

Michael Jeremiasz (FRA) and Jayant Mistry (GBR) Robin Ammerlaan (NED) and Martin Legner (AUT) Miroslav Brychta (CZE) and Tadeusz Kruszelnicki (POL) Shingo Kunieda (JPN) and Satoshi Saida (JPN)

This is only the second year at Wimbledon that wheelchair tennis, as a competitive sport, has been anything more than an exhibition. Lynn Parker, Disabilities Tennis Manager at The British Tennis Foundation had this to say about the '05 Tournament, won in straight sets by Mr's Jeremiasz and Mistry.

"Although we have had the exhibition games in the past, this tournament means we are integrated into Wimbledon and the players have had the same facilities given to them as the likes of Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova have." Quote taken from the BBC website.

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