Wheelchair Sports Updates 7/17/06

Posted by Ralph | 1:40 PM

Pro Sport/S. Wake

> Disabled Sailing - There are a number of regattas running simultaneously all over the world. To view a complete calendar of events click here. (link)
> Wheelchair Tennis - Wimbledon 2006 - Complete Results and a huge upset! (
> Quad Rugby - The U.S. Team won the 2006 Canada Cup posting an incredible 5-0 record! The next World Championships, in New Zealand will be in September. (
> National Junior Disability Championships - July 22/29 in Tampa, Fl. (

In my own news:

I am in the process of completing the app. for press accreditation at the 2008 Paralympics. I applied specifically for Sailing, Tennis and Murderball. It would be absolutely amazing to go to China, unfortunately only 5,600 journalists are going to be accepted. Hopefully I will be one of them.

Other than that I'm listening to BBC Radio 1 and rolling over to Myspace to work on that page.

Have a great week,

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