Whole week with no posts...

Posted by Ralph | 11:04 AM

My attempt at doing all this by myself just isn't working to plan. When I started Rollingpix the only thing I knew was that wheelchair sports didn't have nearly the coverage by the media that they should. Eighteen months later I still feel that way, but there are just to many sports, and I wan't to cover them all.

There are so many stories to tell, and so many angles, the overcoming of barriers, naysayers, and lacks in social services. Rollingpix is just not enough. Don't get me wrong, I know I'm not alone on the net, I just need some extra help, or more hours in the day. Or both. Now that would be nice.

The O&P Extremity Games, an extreme sports comp for amps, is coming up next week, July 28th through 30th. I have already secured my creds for the event and might just have an opportunity to put an article in the local Orlando Weekly paper. I went by their offices yesterday and spoke with one of the editors. He seemed receptive to the idea and asked me to give him a synopsis of my idea for the story and he would "run it up the flagpole."

Long story short, that is my reason/excuse for not posting all week. If you are a writer or athlete or family member, and you wan't your story told, just send it to my gmail and I'll get it on.

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