Adding some new friends

Posted by Ralph | 3:25 PM

I'm always looking for sites, web-zines, blogs and digital media to include here. If you want to be included leave me a message and I'll look it over.

Disabled World publishes a very informative bi-monthly magazine on all the worls topics on disabilities. Their mission statement says "Disability World is a new web-zine dedicated to advancing an exchange of information and research about the international independent living movement of people with disabilities," The magazine is very well organized by geographic location and each contain easily navigated links to various issues and media about our World community.

Hurricane and Disaster preparedness information can be found at Ideas4all, designed and established after Hurricane Katrina this site has state by state disaster planning resources on a very easy to use map.

That's it for today but like I said e-mail me the details and I will take a look.

"Keep your heads up and your wheels on the ground" unkown

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