Power Wheelchair Trail Ride '06

Posted by Ralph | 12:09 PM

Story taken from Extreme Chairing

Aug. 8 '06In a story that continues to illutrate the determination of today's disabled person John "J2" Mryczko started a 40 mile trail ride in an 8 year old power chair. On his site he talks about having trouble early on the first day off the ride, “My chairs old, it’s going to be eight years since I've had it this January, and she's been through a lot.”

The ride was intended as a fund and awareness raising effort for people living with spinal cord injuries. So far they have raised roughly $700.00 dollars of their $1,000 dollar goal. If you have a little scratch to spare I suggest you go here. The link takes you to a secure online donation form or you can mail a check to.

Extreme Chairing - 9445 Ozanam - Morton Grove IL. 60053

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