Wheechair Sports Updates 1/31/2007

Posted by Ralph | 10:51 AM

Wheelchair Tennis - Australian Open - Shingo Kunieda won over the defending champ Michael Jeremiasz in three sets and regained the #1 spot in the world rankings. On the women's side, Esther Vergeer continues her amazing unbeaten streak, bowling over world #2 Florence Gravellier in straight sets.

Wheelchair Tennis - Sydney Open - First round matches at the first ITF Series 1 event of the year saw some predictable results, and a first round exit of a top seed on the womens side. For the full story go here

Quad Rugby - 15th Annual Coloplast Quad Rugby Tournament - Justin Stark is one cool quad. Not only is he the Director of FSCIRC, he plays quad rugby on the Tampa Generals and is the coordinator of this tournament. Too damn bad they didn't do better, full results here

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