This ultra dominant juggernaut Dutch wheelchair tennis player has been nominated (again) for the prestigious Laureus Award. She is on what I truly consider one of the longest undefeated streaks in all of professional sports and is a previous Laureus recipient in 2002.

Here is a short list of Esther Vergeer's tennis statistics, if any of them are wrong or if you care to add to this list just send me a message.

504 and 25 in singles

350 and 26 in doubles.

Amazingly she is unbeaten over the last 4+ years (Jan '03)

7 time Whelchair Tennis World Champion

4 time consecutive Paralympic Gold Medalist, singles and doubles, never done by an a/b

At the end of 2006 she won her 9th consecutive Wheelchair Tennis Masters title

139 singles titles. compared to 107 for Steffi Graf and 167 for Martina Navratilova

20 major titles in singles, more than Evert, Moody, Navratilova, or Billie Jean King

31 major doubles titles.

Since '03 Esther had 150 sets out of 500 at 6-0, thats more than 30 percent of all her matches.

Since '03 Esther had 42 matches at 6-0, and opposing players have only gotten 5 three set matches.

6 consecutive British Opens

259 consecutive singles match wins (Jan '03)

32 consecutive doubles match wins

66 consecutive titles

Lets keep in my that she is only 26 years old......

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