2007 Wheelchair Bodybuilding Nationals Results

Overall Winner- Victor Konovalov


1st- Victor Konovalov

2nd- Jeffery Snell

3rd- Nick Scott

4th- Josh Dillaberry

5th- Leon Bostick

6th- John McClay

Light Heavyweight

1st- John Quinn

2nd- Jack McCann

Middle Weight

1st- Colt Wynn

2nd- Ludovic Marchand

3rd- Reggie Bennett

Light Weight
1st- Greg Grose

2nd- Jesse McKinny

3rd- Patrick Laugerude


1st- Andre Hunt

2nd- Frank Trovato

3rd- Ken Rivera


1st- Jack McCann

2nd- Andre Hunt

3rd- Frank Travato

4th- Ken Rivera

5th- John McClay

For more information and photos click here.

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