Self Defense

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With all of the violence that has happened on the Virgina Tech campus this week, it got me to thinking about what I would do in a situation like that. Is there anything that I could do to keep from being a "sitting target?"

I found that there is an entire self defense program created and taught by a guy in a chair. Master Jurgen Schmidt founded the International Disabled Self-Defense Association in 1996. He developed the "Defense-Ability" system of self defense which is a modified version of the martial art Combat Hapkido. ( Read More )

I also found the story of Clay Johnson, a martial artist with cerebral palsy. He was picked on for his disability as a child. He finally found someone to teach him American Freestyle Karate and his life changed from that day on. Now he is a member of the American Freestyle Karate Association's Hall of Fame. ( Read More )

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