When Pigs Fly

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A film about a quadraplegic woman and her 20 acre pig sanctuary. Lory Yazurlo was injured in a truck accident and now uses a power wheelchair. It is a very realistic look on her life with the muddy swine and her struggle with her former employer over her worker's compensation case. There are highs and lows, ups and downs, and the film shows all of this. It's not meant to make you feel sorry for Lory, or to glorify her as a hero. It is simply a realistic perspective on one womans struggle to deal with her situation.

Lory was always an animal lover so she was happy to get a single little pig from her sister. As her love for swine grew, so did her herd. Starting with just one, it quickly grew to hundreds that live on the 20 acre Pig Tales Sanctuary.

However, the film seems to focus just as much on Lory's mom, Charlene, as it does Lory. Much like Lory does for her muddy little friends, Charlene is the primary caretaker for Lory. The film shows her struggles to keep Lory healthy while she rides around in the muck taking care of her babies. She is also highly involved in the ridiculous struggle with CSX Corp. over Lory's worker's compensation case.

Feeding and caring for hundreds of pigs isn't cheap. The film shows Lory sinking deeper and deeper in debt and depression as she awaits her final settlement from CSX Corp., which she plans to put right into the sanctuary.

The Hollywood Reporter says: "Bottom line: An unflinching portrait of how a woman chooses to live after a devastating injury and a damning testament to the gaping holes in the workers' compensation system."

Orlando Sentinel: "Lory has this big spider living in her room, huge. [says Charlene Yazurlo, her mother] And she won't kill it. She tells me the other day, she's all excited to see this spider, the size of her fist, coming out to see her." Charlene Yazurlo chuckles at the very notion of being this committed to life, even spider life. "I don't find that exciting at all."

There are still a couple screenings coming up for this film if you are interested in seeing it.

  • Jacksonville Film Festival (May 20, 2007 @ 4pm; Jacksonville, FL)

  • Film Arts Foundation: True Stories (June 20, 2007 @ 7:30pm; San Fransisco, CA)

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