It's great to be back

Posted by Ralph | 10:19 AM

After nearly three months of being away from the web and Rollingpix... I am really happy to be posting again. I just needed some time to collect myself and re-organize things, personally and professionally.

That being said I got an email from Jen French about her success at the World Disabled Sailing Championships and where her and her team are going in preparation for the Paralympics in China.

She sent me this email on the 2nd of this month "After two back to back World Championships (IFDS Worlds in Rochester, NY and the Sonar Open Worlds in Marblehead, MA), we are happy with our performance on the boat. We took some time to rest this week. Now, we are headed back up north to Newport, RI. Starting on Oct 5th, we will be competing in the Paralympic Trials in the Sonar class. For each boat class, the winner gains a ticket to Quindao, China to compete at the 2008 Paralympic Games.

On Oct 8th, there will be cameras on all Sonars and commentary from Gary Jobson. Hopefully our cameras will have muted microphones.

This will be a fun event. Thanks for everyone support along the way."

You can read my interview with Jen in the left sidebar of this page.

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