Trying something else new

Posted by Ralph | 8:31 AM

Well I have been doing some new things like link lists, YouTube Videos and other things. Wheelchair Adventurers and Athletes are doing a lot of great things but I need to keep diversifying and try to bring more visitors here and then plug my core message.

The new addition to my website will be new advances in cyborg, prosthetic and medical advances in technology advancements for disabled wheelchair users although I won't limit myself to that. The way I figure it is most everybody is hurting physically in one way or another and maybe I might be able to show more people that even with a major disability like total paralysis, you could sip and puff your way across the English Channel or just about anything you could dream of. I mean it seems to me that the only thing we are limited by is our willingness to make our dreams come true.

We are also going to make some minor adjustments to the blogs structure and make it easier to navigate to my interviews.

As always thanks for coming and check out this batch of medically related links to disability.

> Bionic Arm Recipients claim regained "sense of touch" in their prosthetics.
> Stem Cell breakthrough - Human skin reprogrammed into new stem cells.
> Dean Kamen, Inventor of the Ibot has made a bionic arm the details are sketchy, but apparently it will be wired to the brain. I can't feel my arms anyway so it would be awesome. I'll take two! (video 2)

That's it for now.

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