Another redesign of ROLLINGPIX

Posted by Ralph | 7:14 PM

The reason for this absence is pretty straight forward, working on my Voc. Rehab loan package and I have been tooling around with different three column Blogger Beta templates based on the minima template. I want to be able to have more info in the same space as a traditional minima template.

I like the look of having my posts on the left and two equal sized sidebars(220px) to the right. I worked on the CSS code for 5 hours yesterday and implemented the code mods, the posts are in the right place, the right sidebar in it's place and the space for the second sidebar is there.... blank.

I also added Snap to my site and now you can move your mouse over a link and preview it in a pop-up window, pretty cool piece of tech eh?

It's going to take a few days more but when finished ROLLINPIX will be all the better for it.

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