V.R. Appeal Letter

Posted by Ralph | 11:14 AM

I'm mailing out my formal appeal letter today. It certainly can't hurt my case so I called my counsellor today and he also thinks it's a good idea. The whole appeal hinges on the initial error on the IPE that was done in Tampa. An IPE is the plan of employment and the services you are requesting from the state

The initial IPE was done incorrectly and maybe, hopefully that will swing the decision in my favor. In more good news, it also seems like I'm getting my Quickie 646 SE with tilt. The tilt will help my back pain so much and it will help me get photos a fixed angle chair won't. I'm stoked. Work hard in life and never, ever give up on your dreams. Bruce Lee said "To even think about immortality, live a life worth remembering."

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