New Post totally off my usual topics.

Posted by Ralph | 6:26 PM

Only 4 days since the last one this time! I do have an excellent Since I'm on the waiting list for my equipment one of my buddies invited me to go out of town. We went to Fort Lauderdale beach on Friday, Saturday and checked out this morning. The hotel was very quiet, one of those smallish resorts, twenty or so rooms and only 5 of those other rooms were booked

Spent some much needed time Friday night in the Jacuzzi with a few Heineken's on Friday night, the best Thai Curry's ever, a pannang chicken with jasmine rice, and a sweet/hot red chili paste one, also with jasmine rice. They really were the best curries ever. The place is called Thai To Go and if your ever in Ft. "Liquordale," go get you some.

Saturday was spent at the pool during the day with a few cold ones and Seminole Hard Rock Casino, my buddy paid for the whole trip and he almost won back the entire trip's cost, that place is a madhouse. A funny thing about casino's is that there aren't any clocks so if your not wearing a watch you can go in at noon and come out thinking you spent only a few hours, you leave and it's pitch black. Woke up early this morning and watched the F1 race, checked out and got home at 2:00 this afternoon.

As the right sidebar says I'm moving up the Voc. Rehab waiting ladder much quicker than I expected, and I might even get my funding before the end of the year. They originally told me it would be February of 2009! Now my counsellor tells me they could come in the beginning of their 4th fiscal quarter. That starts in just a few days!

The wait has been very good for the business plan actually, with the constant, and rapid evolution of technology I found some much better equipment for about the same prices. First off, and the biggest change in my new stuff is I'm switching from an obsessive Canon shooter to the new Nikon because it also takes video. It's not an anathema, because there is like a 5 min max recording time. Still a great feature, and the Nikon is the first and only pro quality DSLR that does this.

I have also added a Sony HD Camcorder and excellent microphone. I'm going to look like Inspector Gadget but it's function not form that matters ulyimately.

What I will be doing this week is re-writing all the relevant forms in my business plan, get a new insurance quote and the rest of the business issues.

Lastly..... I own the domain name and I am going to wholly redo this site.

Talk to you soon.

Oh Yeah, almost forgot! My new powerchair is being built and I should get it in a few weeks, it's a pretty sweet Black Opal color Quickie S-525.

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