This is so damn cool! The Martin Conquest tri-cycle is a completely wheelchair accessible motorcycle with a ramp that you use to roll into the drivers position. I have seen some other tri-cycle/motorcycles that were adapted for use but had to be driven from a side car or you had to transfer on to.

Here's the bad news, It's 40k and not available in the US yet.

"The Conquest is the world's first series-manufactured high performance motorcycle that can be driven from a wheelchair. The vehicle provides a level of performance and independence previously unattainable.It is designed for people with disabilities from the waist down. Drivers can roll their wheelchairs onto the vehicle via an automated access ramp. All of the controls are hand operated. "

1130cc, 2-cylinder, 8 valve, 83 bhp
Remotely controlled lowering and rising ramp, using push-button key fob
2 button Klicktronic thumb-operated gear change
6 forward gears and reverse
Hydraulically controlled front and rear disc brakes with single lever operation
Electronic Parking brake
Ez-Lock wheelchair locking system with push-button release mechanism
17" alloy rear wheels

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