Wheelchair Sports update 10/22/2008

Posted by Ralph | 2:23 PM

Photo: Cydney Capello

There's a new after school wheelchair rugby program for thousands of disabled students at the Paralympic Academy in Las Vegas and Clark county. "The Paralympic Academy meets once a month and allows students to continue playing sports after school -- and possibly compete nationally with other physical disability sports clubs. Adapted PE gives students the opportunity participate in sports together, regardless of disability, because sports are modified according to U.S. Paralympic standards."

One of America's top Paralympians, Cortney Jordan volunteers at the camp to help kids because "I get to help out with the kids in the district who have disabilities and it means a lot to me because I didn’t get started with Paralympics until I was 13," she said. "I think it's good that we’re getting them started young because they can get a lot of practice and be ready for Paralympics at a young age."


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