Cyborg update - Bionic Eye

Posted by Ralph | 10:39 AM

"BANGALORE: Texas Instruments, the semiconductor design and manufacturing giant, in collaboration with Narayana Hrudyalaya hospital is all set to kick off clinical trials on a prosthetic eye implant that will help patients regain their eyesight. The clinical trials for the ‘bionic vision’ technology will begin by the end of 2009 under the leadership of Dr Rajani Battu. "

"The device consists of a miniature camera that captures images transmitted to a processing unit and a receiver located behind the ear. The impulses from the camera are passed on to the optic nerve just like the eye would in a person with eyesight. The prosthetic functions as a cornea and directs the light into the eye. Elaborating on the technology, Dr Battu said, “Retinal prosthetics are one way to treat a host of diseases that affect the eye.” The trials will be conducted on people aged above 55 years and living within or close to the city. "


That's great news for Tanya Vlach and many others!

Bionic Eye Video from Youtube.

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