Photo: Lynne Slacky/AP

"DORAL, Fla. (AP) — The most meaningful streak in golf did not end at Doral."

D.J. Gregory is going to another PGA Tour event this week in New Orleans. He will watch another player and tell another story. He will walk every hole of every round at the Zurich Classic, just as he has done the previous 12 tournaments, and will do the next 24 tournaments until his amazing journey ends at the Tour Championship.

Gregory carries a handicap of 36, the highest possible.

He also carries a cane.

Gregory, 30, has cerebral palsy, which he refers to more as an inconvenience than an ailment. He was given little hope of ever walking across the living room, much less up the 18th fairway at Riviera.

"I can do everything anyone else can do," he said. "Just a little slower."

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