I found an amazing website

Posted by Ralph | 3:22 PM

I came across this site copmpletely by chance and it is so right up my alley kind of thing! Tanya is an artist and San Fran. native who lost an eye from a car accident in '95

"The day Hurricane Katrina hit, Tanya Vlach was driving on the other side of the country to one of the largest arts festivals in the world. At dusk she was found unconscious from a traumatic accident. Ms. Vlach barely came out alive, losing her left eye in the tumble. Becoming this intimate with death, Ms. Vlach is driven by the consciousness of the fragile and nature of life and her work is imbued with this sense of urgency." Website

Her "Call to Engineers" post is what caught my eye

I am attempting to recreate my eye with the help of a miniature camera implant in my prosthetic / artificial eye. The intraocular installation of an eye-cam will substitute for the field of vision of my left eye that I lost in 2005 from a car accident. While my prosthetic is an excellent aesthetic replacement, I am interested in capitalizing on the current advancement of technology to enhance the abilities of my prosthesis for an augmented reality.

Here's a youtube vid of what she's trying to do.

So cool! I sent her an email to learn more. Check back.

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