Almost a week without posting

Posted by Ralph | 12:18 PM

I spent the whole weekend working like crazy on my Vocational Rehabilitation case now that I'm off the waiting list. There is so much to be done. I have to get all the companies I'm buying my equipment from to sign a vendor agreement so that they can get paid from the State of Florida. has signed all the docs. I'm trying to get's headquarters phone number and get the docs over to them today. It is just so cool that 90% of my gear is coming from them because the vendor agreement is the "size of a phonebook" according to Chris at soundpro.

So that's the reason why I haven't been updating lately, and I probably won't be until after Dec. 15th when my case finals. I'm going to ask a friend to post for me but no promises...... I will be getting my powerchair next week, it was shipped on the 25th, being assembled now and good god am I looking forward to that!

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