British Paralympian sentenced for fraud

Posted by Ralph | 8:51 AM

32 year old British Paralympic fencer Lee Fawcett received a four month suspended sentence for de-frauding England's Disability stipend, receiving 65 pounds a week while buying and selling millions of dollars worth of luxury cars.

Exploiting a loop-hole in England's system Mr. Fawcett bought and sold 8 million pounds worth of luxury cars over a three year period, earning more than 170,000 pounds in 18 months, while still getting a disability pension.

The sentence also included a 500 pound court cost fee and ordered to re-pay all of the money he received under the pension program. Hundreds of luxury cars like Bentley's, Ferrari's, Porsche's and Range Rover's were bought and sold avoiding tax because they were classified second hand and had been modified for the disabled.


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