Medical Prosthetics Update 12/21/2008

Posted by Ralph | 1:00 AM

Photo: Steve Mann from the website Eyeborg
Just a short while ago I posted about a young woman named Tanya Vlach who was embedding a miniature camera directly wired into her brain and placed under the shell of her prosthetic eye, it turns out that she's not the only one that's doing the exact same thing.

Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence is also working on a hard wired miniature camera to replace the eye he lost in an accident involving shovelling dung and implanting a video camera in it's place. Rob lives and works in Toronto, Canada for well known companies like the Discovery Channel, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company,) Space TV and others.
In a recent interview Mr. Spence said "I think it's a natural progression for anyone who has lost an eye. All cell phones now have this tiny camera that could fit in a prosthetic eye and especially as a filmmaker I am interested in any kind of experimental camera work. I had a documentary film producer who once said with great authority, "You are to never shoot anything without a tripod, no one likes shaky footage." He went on to add, "Well that's just not true anymore. the way we see things with our eyes... all of them are very shaky and approximating in a way to our actual sight"

"When I interview someone with my camera eye I will get a completely frank conversation along with the magical eye contact that makes conversations without cameras so special. I don't think you could achieve it as well with spy cameras on glasses. When we look someone right in the eye, it's very human. Ironically, I want to know that feeling by becoming a cyborg. Or an eyeborg as I like to say."

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