Press Release, Woodbury Bulletin: Published Friday, December 12, 2008

"Jon Rydberg has accepted the position of head girl’s tennis coach. Jon has extensive playing experience. He was the #1 ranked wheelchair tennis player in the world and is a two-time Paralympian (2004 & 2008) and an eight-time United States Wheelchair World Cup team member.

Jon was on the University of Texas-Arlington 1997 wheelchair basketball national championship team. He has coaching experience at many tennis clinics and recreation programs as well as being the head coach of the Timberwolves affiliated wheelchair basketball team.

Jon knows how to play the game of tennis, compete, and have fun doing it, He will teach the young women at East Ridge to do the same as well as to overcome the challenges that they may experience in life."

I don't know where the Woodbury Bulletin got their stat that Jon "was the world's #1 ranked tennis player, the IWTF page on his career stat's has his highest ranking as #11 in Jan. of '02 with 183 wins and 127 losses and a current rank of 16, it's still awesome that the growing and open minded public system is willing to hire a wheelchair bound coach for able bodied teenagers.

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