Great Britain: Source BBC.CO.UK

"Eight Olympic sports have had London 2012 funding slashed because of a £50m budget shortfall."

"The move will prompt fears Team GB may be unable to fulfil hopes of fielding a team in every sport in London.

Shooting's allocation has been slashed by £3.84m, forcing a move from 46 funded athletes to about 10.

Water polo has suffered a 50% cut to £1.45m, prompting bosses to warn that the men's team may be forced to pull out of contention for the 2012 Games.

"It's pretty bleak," said water polo performance director Nick Hume. "We think the absolute cheapest you could do it on would be about £2.5m.

"That would get two decent teams to London - on a real shoestring - but anything less than that and you would be really cobbling something together. " Original Article

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