You would think that after Lee Fawcett 32 year old British Paralympic fencer Lee Fawcett received a four month suspended sentence for de-frauding England's Disability stipend, receiving 65 pounds a week while buying and selling millions of dollars worth of luxury cars that people would get the idea.

Mr. Fawcett exploited a loop-hole in England's system and bought and sold 8 million pounds worth of luxury cars over a three year period, earning more than 170,000 pounds in 18 months.

Well now we know he's definitely not the only one, not at all.

Shaun Regan, from Woodstock, has admitted wrongly obtaining
£387 of housing benefit. Kay Williams, from Tackley, pleaded guilty to making false representations to claim £2,961 housing and council tax benefit. Both were given a 12-month community punishment orders, and made to pay £75 costs. Ms Regan was also given 100 hours of unpaid work.

Jonathan Hall, a key member of Team GB's successful wheelchair basketball side in the Beijing paralympics, sold and bought cars while receiving disability allowances. He has 28 days to pay back the fraudulently claimed
£6,647 or go to prison for three months. He was also fined £750 and ordered to pay £500 in costs.

Jacqueline Benson, from Uppingham, claimed benefits and paid reduced council tax as a single person even though her daughter and her fiancé had moved into her home. She received a six month community service order for fraudulently obtaining

Danielle Bramley from Redditch has been fined £200 after pleading guilty to benefit fraud. She failed to notify the Council and the DWP that her partner was living with her. She had continued to claim income support, housing benefit and council tax benefit as a lone parent, which resulted in her being overpaid
£1,602 in benefits.

It's really sad that these people did such a bad thing after working so hard to go the Paralympics. Like they say though "Everybody makes mistakes"

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