"So you didn’t quite make it as an athlete, but you’re as passionate as ever to leave your mark. This is your ticket to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games."

"By getting involved as a volunteer, you could be joining a team of 25,000 who’ll be welcoming the world to Canada. We’re looking for a team that shares our values of excellence, teamwork, creativity, sustainability and trust. If these words speak to you, read on. We’d love to tell you more about what it takes to join our team."

How's that for a bait and switch? Seriously though Vancouver's website for the 2010 Winter Paralympics and Olympics says they need alot of volunteers to fill all kinds of positions an there are real benefits like tickets and the good karma from helping others.

The website reads like they need someone to do just about everything except get paid, JK! but depending on you and your experience you might be one of the that gets a spot for the opening or closing ceremonies, or maybe a competition venue.

First up is the bad news.... In addition to the volunteer work, a minimum of 8 shifts, 8 to 10 hours per day (more for the Olympics themselves) including lunch and breaks, you also have to get there and find a place to stay.

There is a homestay program, also available fron the website (or here) that allows British Columbian's to host a volunteer/s. I lived in Vancouver for a few months, it's not cheap and that opportunity might enrich you in more than just your pocket.

Great news is that you get to try and choose the what/where/when that you would like to volunteer for, and seeing that they need upwards of 25,000 people so you might just get your gig. They have 30 plus different categories, all of which can be applied for in this link.

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