"NEWSLETTER: March 13, 2009
No Barriers Announces 2009 Festival at Shake-A-Leg Miami Sea Base

Erik and the No Barriers USA Board of Directors is excited to announce the No Barriers 2009 Festival at Shake-A-Leg Miami Sea Base on June 4-7, 2009.

The No Barriers Festival, now in its fourth year, is a unique, international, multi-day event that showcases cutting-edge techniques and technologies that enable
people with challenges to live active and adventurous lives.

The last three bi-annual festivals have been held in mountain settings, twice in Cortina, Italy and once at Squaw Valley, California. This year the board of directors decided to make a shift.

Director Mark Wellman explains, "We selected a marine location to show the diversity of our mission and to illustrate how breaking through barriers is more than about climbing mountains and succeeding in the rugged outdoors. There is a wave of innovation and outdoor education on the water and there are very few organizations like Shake-A-Leg Miami who are making things happen. Our partnership will help us make our 2009 Festival more incredible than any of our previous three.

For more information and to register, visit:www.nobarriersusa.org"

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