"Some sportsmen are fortunate enough to excel in one sport, and carve their names into their sports history books as celebrated talents to be remembered.

Then once in a while along comes a star making an incredible transition into a second sport, equaling their victorious feats from the first.

Ade Adepitan surprisingly garnered credible attention not on any track or turf; rather as a seemingly gifted television presenter! Not to be unpredictable, he was of course a presenter mainly for programmes that always drifted towards leading an active lifestyle.

His energetic and enthusiastic reports for BBC programme Sportsround elevated his image into our minds and resulted in a constantly increasing cult status. His beaming smile and iconic dreadlocks became as much a defining symbol of his image as the wheelchair beneath him.

2004 saw him emerge onto the world sporting scene, as he featured in Great Britain’s Bronze medal winning basketball team at the Athens Paralympics.

His exposure expanded further as a result with promotional adverts for the BBC allowing him to show off his flawless dance skills within his chair.

And now Ade has successfully increased the capacity of his already bulging CV. In 2007 he made the transition from basketball to tennis, a sport focusing more on technical aspects and his own individual credentials.

It was only this week however that in stunning fashion he demolished his South African opponent in the Limpopo Open Wheelchair Tennis Championship to cause the tennis world to take note.

Such a demolition allowed his opponent to gain just the single game as Ade destroyed Daniel Mogorosi 6-0 6-1 to gift the Brit his first international singles title his new sport.

Rightfully so as a result Ade is now targeting the London Olympics in three years time to conquer a challenging ambition of becoming one of only a handful of sporting stars to achieve Olympic medals in more than one discipline.

Further tennis titles beforehand would of course seal his status as British sporting icon, along side the likes of other paralympians such Tammy Gray Thomson.

Britain has always been capable of producing unforgettable paralympians and Ade hopefully prove be no exception. For here is a man, determined and brimming with self belief, and someone whose future looks absolutely and positively promising."

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