Source: Portland Press Herald

"WELLS — Alex Tomaszewski took a hard gulp when he first laid eyes on Sunday River from the access road at age 7. The trails looked so steep. The mountain, menacing.
I was a little creeped out," he said, a sheepish smile creeping across his face.

No longer.

Today, Tomaszewski, a 15-year-old from Wells High, is one of the nation's most promising Paralympian skiers. This winter he won five gold medals in the junior division at the adaptive national championships in Winter Park, Colo.

He dominated the speed and technical events: super-G, downhill, slalom, giant slalom, and won the combined.

How he got there is somewhat remarkable.

Abandoned at birth, Tomaszewski was adopted from a Russian orphanage at 15 months.
He was missing his right leg below the knee, had only 1 1/2 fingers on his left hand and a club foot."

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