Ticket bargains for the Paralympics

Posted by Ralph | 3:31 PM

VANCOUVER -- Determined to have the same buzz and enthusiasm in the stands as at the more glamorous Olympics, 2010 Games organizers are offering bargain ticket prices for the Paralympic Winter Games.

Set to go on sale to the public on Wednesday, individual tickets will cost as little as $15, and surpass $50 only for the opening ceremonies at BC Place. Schools and groups can pay even less.

Caley Denton, vice-president of ticketing for VANOC, rejected any suggestion that events at the Paralympics pale in comparison to those at the Olympics.

"The performances that people are going to see have the best athletes in the world at these events, and they are really inspiring and incredible," Mr. Denton said yesterday, as organizers unveiled details of the Paralympic Games ticket sale.

To bolster attendance, groups and families that buy 20 tickets or more to single events will pay as little as $10. There will also be $5 tickets for schoolchildren.

"We're really focused on allowing kids to get out and experience what these events are all about, and the inspiration that comes from them. It's not just to put bums in seats," Mr. Denton said. "[But] we want to make sure the atmosphere in those venues is just as great as at the Olympic Games."

He said those attending the Paralympics are in for a treat. "There's really something indefinable about attending an event in person that goes beyond the memories and the results of the competition. And we know people will get that kind of experience here."

Although all skiing events will be held in Whistler, spectators will be able to drive there from Vancouver and find parking, unlike the forced bus transportation that will be in place for the Olympics."

Sounds good to me!

Source: Globe and Mail

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