I'm Baaaaaaaack!

Posted by Ralph | 2:26 PM

It's been 15 days since my last post. I finally decided to leave home and start travelling on a short trip, test the waters so to speak. It's been ALOT easier than I initially thought.

The first thing I did before leaving was fix my corporate checking account. I got a train to Tampa and even though I lived there briefly I had no idea how inaccessible many parts of it were. There are whole streets, Armenia for example, that have no curb cuts whatsoever on either side of the road.

The Salvation Army shelter is completly innaccessible, and they won't even allow you to charge your chair there! Free food is widely available and the public transit system is entirely barrier free, even an automatic door entry.

Going back to the roads being a huge problem in Tampa. Some have NO access, are cobblestone or some other crud surface and in many other streets you get on a sidewalk thinking great, it's accessible, then the other side is a four inch drop. So you have to turn around and go on the street! I got a two phase, alternating red and white headlamp, now I need some reflectors for the rear.

I'm keeping all of my receipts for accounting purposes and looking for work now. I'm still not insured, but the finished equipment list spreadsheet was sent to the agent today.

I think Tampa might be the most innaccessible city I have ever been in! On to St. Pete!

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