Since my injury 11 years I have only been fishing 1 time. I caught a beautiful 8 pound "spotless" Redfish and I definitely would like to do it again.

My injury is C-5/6 but stronger as a five. I did some research on the web and found some really great gear. I'm going to show you some equipment that will greatly help us to help you fish with indepence wth your disability as best you can. From my own short trip 2 years ago I'm going to be learning right alongside you all.

Here is a great rig - Elec-Tra-Mate 312 HS

"The Elec-Tra-Mate 312HS weighs only 28.5 ounces comes with the Penn 320GTi reel. It has a retrieve speed of 322 feet per minute. The 312-HS is designed for heavy fresh water or light saltwater fishing and because of its lightweight and balance is perfect for physically challenged individuals. For complete portability, a battery pack and charger are also available separately.

If thats not good enough they have many other rigs. For example The PT 450THE 450-PTH

The 450-PTH enables individuals who are physically challenged to enjoy the sport of fishing without assistance. It has been designed to power the popular Penn 4500 SS and 5500 SS Spinfisher Spinning Reels. Like other popular Elec-Tra-Mate models, the 450-PTH is easily attached to the side of a standard Penn Reel in literally minutes and is available with or without the reel. (Some assembly required).
Equally at home in both fresh and saltwater, the 450-PTH comes standard with a remote waterproof switch which is easily mounted on the fore-grip of the rod for one arm use.

EM450 $799.00. p/h poa
Includes 450 PTH elec-tra-mate power unit, Penn 4500 ss or 5500ss spinning reel, 10 foot power cord with solid copper Alligator clips for direct connection to 12 volt battery, and remote waterproof switch.

This is my favorite out of all.STRONG ARM
The Strong Arm is a versatile fishing rod holder. This is an excellent product for anyone with limited or no grip. With this rod holder even lower level quadriplegics can cast by themselves. Made of 6 oz. oil treated leather, it can be worn over or under most clothing. One size fits all. Specify right or left.

SA01b. $95.00, p/h $6.60


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