NEW YORK (WABC) -- Toddlers are a bundle of energy, running and playing.
But one three-year old has traveled from London to New York to take his very first run.

Both of his legs were amputated a couple of years ago and now, he's the youngest patient to ever be fitted for prosthetics that are fit for running.

Carol Parry is crying tears of joy from watching her child do something simple, running around the Central Park Reservoir, something he couldn't do just three days ago.

Three-year-old Harvey was struck with meningitis when he was just 15 months old. He lost both legs and fingers on his right hand, but you can't tell from the way he runs around now.

President of Prosthetics in Motion, Chris Kort, fell in love with Harvey right away
Kort made Harvey's "walking legs" but when Carol said her boy wanted to run, he donated his time and convinced the charity, The Challenged Athletes Foundation to help.

Harvey's journey is not over yet because as he grows he will need new legs every six to eight months at the cost of $60,000 a pair.

For his first set his mother stood on the streets of their home town of London, England begging for money

She hopes that people will still give as her son gets older - and gets closer to his dream of completing a tri-athalon

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