Christopher Reeve's birthday

Posted by Ralph | 11:30 AM

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In a world of who and maybe's, what if's and who done it, we - disabled people would not be in the amazing situation where WE are. Today is Christopher Reeve's birthday and he single handed our world into a much brighter place than before his injury and tragic death.

Today is Superman's birthday, and it is my belief that the science of today would not have been without him. Today we have an exo-skeleton that will allow it's wearer to walk, arm prosthetics that are hard wired to their person, and last but definitiley not least leg prosthesis that nearly got a man to the Olympics!

I believe that in ten more years "dis"-ability will be an uncommon word. If you can please donate to the foundation that funds so much of this research and development. If you really look at it, it's you helping you!

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