"PARK CITY, Utah – For Monte Meier (Park City, UT), this summer has been all about listening to his body. Plagued with cartilage problems in his knee, Meier has spent the past few months at the Center of Excellence recovering.

"I've spent a lot of time on the bike this summer. I had some issues with my knee, just kind of getting a little old and warn out with some cartilage issues," Meier said. "I've tried to spend a lot of time on the bike whether it's a mountain bike, road bike, or stationary bike."

Meier shows no signs of discouragement, though. Taking time off snow in stride Meier is ready for winter and is excited to get in the gate.

"At this point, because of my knee, I didn't partake in any of the summer camps this year. I've been off snow for the whole summer. It was a tough decision the doctor and I made, but in the end I'm feeling really strong right now," says Meier. "I feel like my batteries have been recharged. I'm really anxious to get on snow.”

A veteran on the adaptive Team, Meier is hoping to make his fifth appearance in the 2010 Vancouver Paralympics in March. Approaching the season, Meier has made some adjustments to his game plan in hopes of hanging a medal around his neck.

"Strategies have changed a little bit, this will be my nineteenth season, and I learned to work smarter not harder on some things and know when I should push and when I should back off. The hardest part for me is to take it easy," admits Meier. "It's a matter of listening to my body more and not over working it, but at the same time work to get to the level I want to be when I'm competing."

With all Meier's hard work he is confident that this season will be a success and is looking forward to Vancouver.

"I feel confident about where I am this season, the conditioning that I've been doing all summer, and I'm anxious to get at it," states Meier. "My goal is basically to stay healthy. Ultimately, of course, I would like to end my career on the podium, but to make that a reality I need to make sure that I'm diligent about taking care of my body, listening to my body, taking time off when I need to, hitting it hard when I need to."

Meier is finishing up the summer, with some plyometrics and agility drills in order to make a sound return back on snow this fall. However, Meier can't help but to look ahead.

"Just anxious for the 2010 Paralympics," stresses Meier"


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