Tort reform and soldiers getting limbs

Posted by Ralph | 7:51 AM

Most of the general population does not truly understand what Tort Reform means or how it might impact their lives. The “reformists” will lead you to believe that “these frivolous lawsuits” and the attorneys who file them are the problem and we need to STOP THEM before they bankrupt this country and continue to clog our court system. They further argue that these cases are the source of the high cost of medical malpractice insurance, not the attorneys or the law suits they file.

On Sunday, September 20, 2009, on 60 Minutes there was a segment on a new bionic arm, the DEKA arm, a $100 million Pentagon program called “Revolutionizing Prosthetics”. American soldiers who lost limbs in various wars were highlighted as they tried out the new prosthetics. The DEKA arm is a huge improvement over what was previously available that was developed during World War II. "Nobody ever wants to put a price tag on making a soldier or a Marine whole again. But, you're talking about $100 million," Scott Pelley, 60 Minutes correspondent remarked. "It's a big number."


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