What do you think is worse?

Posted by Ralph | 10:01 AM

From time to time I ask myself about my disability and wonder if I could deal any better if I spent my whole life this way.

Personally I think blindness would be the most difficult to manage. What if you could see for a long time in your life then it was gone never to return? You knew what colors are but now you can't find the right outfit in your closet. Or your blind your whole life, never seeing verdant fields of green grass, much less what color your clothes are. Watching a blind person barrel ass out into the world, on and off city buses never ceases to amaze me.

In regards to me... I lived 22 years as an a/b person, lived in more cities than most people do in their whole lives. I'm well travelled, self educated and as a matter of extreme irony I dove in the lake I broke my neck in 4 or 5 times before.

I guess that's why people call them accidents!

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